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About Us

If you had to describe our mission in one statement, it would be:



Because of their love for tap dancing, a small group of women started Class Act over 36 years ago.  Their mission was to serve the community providing tap dance shows free of charge.  We’re still going strong with a group of 30 dancers ranging in age from mid- 50's to mid 80's.  Over the years, we have performed over 3000 shows!


We perform at a wide variety of venues including conventions, class reunions, civic and corporate events, faith- based events , fundraisers, charity functions, educational events, anniversaries, holiday events and senior and recreational centers. 


Some of the events where we’ve entertained include The Spectacular Follies for the past 12 years, the Swiss Avenue Home Tour, Dallas Bar Association family Christmas party, Santa’s Village, Home for the Holidays, Dallas Love Field Airport, Fort Worth Art Fest, Switchyard Festival in Carrollton, the DPARD Health and Wellness Expo and the DART Older Americans Health and Information Fair (which we have done for over 30 years!)  We have traveled as far as Branson, Oklahoma and Atlantic City to entertain.


As wonderful as these events are, the true heart and soul of our mission is to reach out and entertain in places where many don’t go.  We want to provide music and dance as therapy for the heart and spirit to those in our community who need it.


We partner with area nursing, rehab and day care centers, providing shows to people who are unable to travel to events due to health or mobility issues. We strive to create a special experience for these audiences to receive a form of dance and musical therapy as well as to improve their overall health and well-being.


Performance at community outreach programs include the Network of Community Ministries, Christian Community Action Group in McKinney, Senior Hour at the Garland Library, Senior Source at Bryan Place, and numerous fundraisers including breast cancer awareness.


We also perform shows for special needs adults.  Some of these include Treasured Times and Casa De Vita, where we entertain those with Alzheimers and dementia while also providing respite care for their caregivers. Other programs include Emma’s Education Center, an education center for adults with intellectual difficulties and the Achievement Center of Texas. 


Children are also an important part of our focus.  We dance at elementaries, library reading programs, Scottish Rite Hospital for children and programs for special needs children like Night Owls. 


Class Act has a big heart for veterans.  We have partnered with the Greater Dallas Veterans Council, the Korean War Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the VA North Texas Health Care system for over 20 years. This includes entertaining at VA hospitals, Veterans posts, veterans senior centers as well as participating each year in the Dallas Veterans Parade. 


Each of us in Class Act strives to deepen and live out our purpose.  Serving others through dance and giving back to our community pushes us to be committed to being the best we can possibly be.  We strive to shine with each performance and we put in lots of hard work and practice to achieve that.  As a result, we also get to grow in body, mind and spirit through our dancing.  Class Act is really more than just a dance company. It is a sisterhood of members supporting not only the community through our volunteer service but also supporting each other through the many life experiences that are bound to come along at this time in our lives. As we live up to our goal of spreading joy to others, we also experience a tremendous amount of joy ourselves! Our greatest hope is that we touch the hearts, minds and spirit of all those we dance for and to bring joy and hope to all audiences that we have the privilege to entertain.


We have been awarded many honors from various organizations, including Veterans groups and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department over the years, but two stand out. First, we were deeply honored to be named “Hometown Heroes” by news anchor Clarice Tinsley. And second, for our 35th anniversary, Mayor Eric Johnson proclaimed August 6, 2021 as CLASS ACT TAP COMPANY DAY “for reaching out and serving the needs of our community on so many levels and for successfully sustaining and preserving the art of tap dancing.”


Bob Fosse, famous dancer, choreographer and actor had a wonderful quote:

“Dance expresses joy better than anything else.”


The members of Class Act Tap Company truly believe this.  Our hope is that we touch the lives of all that we get to dance for, leaving them with hope, smiles, good memories and a deep joy in their heart!

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